What is family-based Immigration?
In the United States, family-based immigration allows for the closest family members of a United States citizen to be able to live in the country permanently. Close family members include a spouse, child, fiancé(e), sibling or parent. Petitions for these visas can be made for the family member who is already in the United States or is still living in their homeland.

What are the different visas that I can get for my family members?
Here are the different visa categories and the types of visas that they include:

Spouses and Fiancé(e)
K-1- This visa is for the fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen. There’s often a shorter waiting list for K-1 visas compared to marriage-based petitions.

K-3- This visa is for the spouse of a U.S. citizen. Couples who are married can apply for a K-3 visa while the non-U.S citizen partner is still abroad.

K-2-This is for the children of people who are coming to the U.S. to marry their partner. Children must be named on their parent’s K-1 application.

K-4- This visa is for the children of individuals who are in the United States on a K-3 or K-1 visa.

IR-3/IR-4- These visas are for internationally adopted children. IR-3 visas are granted in situations where the child is adopted in his or her country of birth and doesn’t need to be readopted stateside. For cases where the adoption is completed in the United States, or the adoptive parents’ home state requires re-adoption, IR-4 visas are given.

Parents and Siblings
Parents of U.S. citizens are able to get a green card through their U.S. citizen child, provided the child is an adult over the age of 21. Brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens can get a green card, sponsored by their American relative, which allows the sibling to live and work within the United States. Green card holders are eligible for citizenship after a designated number of years. Various restrictions apply for the different types of relationships.

Who can help me obtain a family-based visa?
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