If you’ve received notice that you’ll be deported, then you need to find a top-notch lawyer who will represent you in immigration court. As an experienced attorney, Grace M. Esnardo’s main goal is to represent you during your appeal process and keep you in the United States. She’s dedicated to helping immigrants with their deportation defense needs so that you can continue your new life with your family, friends and colleagues in America.

What is the Board of Immigration Appeals?
If the government feels that you should be removed from the United States, you’ll be given a “Notice to Appear” which will begin court proceedings to make a decision if you may stay in the U.S. or not. An Immigration Judge will hear your case and make the final decision.

If the judge still believes you need to return to your home country, you may make an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals which is located in Falls Church, VA. You won’t go to this court in person, so you need paper records that clearly state your case and give evidence as to why you should be allowed to remain in the United States. For this reason, you need a lawyer who is detail oriented and is an excellent writer, since the appeals judges simply read through your case.

You Need Representation
The United States’ legal system is a complicated one. Don’t carry the burden of trying to defend your right to stay in the U.S. by yourself. Not only is it an emotionally draining experience, but learning the process and filling out all of the necessary paperwork is time-consuming. When you’re preparing for deportation defense, you need a lawyer who specializes in immigration law so that you can be sure they know how to do everything correctly.

Select an Experienced Attorney
Don’t settle for an inexperienced lawyer when you are facing removal from your home. If your case is denied, and you continue your appeal with a new lawyer, the new lawyer will have a more difficult task set before him. Since you don’t have the opportunity to go before the appeals judges, you have to rely on your paper records. If you submit an already blemished set of documents a second time, the odds are against you. Ms. Esnardo has experience going before the Board of Immigration Appeals and knows just what to do to give you the best chances of not being deported.